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A brief introduction of bulk sms, Till Today, Most of the people globally does not know exactly what is bulk sms . It is very simple, Bulk sms is a service to reach huge number of customers within no-time instantly.

Bulk SMS Hyderabad is one of the versatile and leading sms service company in the Hyderabad.We are into the bulk sms solutions industry since 2012 .We are into this industry in providing n different solutions to our customers through web-based internet portal to reach their clients.

Bulk SMS Hyderabad principle is to provide innumerable solutions and support to the respective clients in guiding them as per their profiles through which they can quickly expertise their marketing strategies and innovate their business through this services.

Bulk SMS Hyderabad will aid all the clients in the best possible manner through our unique web-based platform 24X7 support to reach their respective clients,targets and also support in increasing their business quickly.

Initially we were using this service to send alerts and events update to the clients. Later, In this widely developed market, through our analysis we have found this service had a broader application for most of the firms such as business companies, corporate firms from small scale to larger scale companies,schools, colleges, institutions marketing representatives etc.

Hence, our motto is to give best of the best services to our client’s forever .Since, our launch we provided a better service of 99.99% to our clients.

Bulk SMS

It enables you to send hundreds or thousands or lacs of SMS'es right from your computer to any mobile in India.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS Pack is designed for compaigns, product-launchings, Advertising products or services etc.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Pack is designed for information SMS such as like Alerts,Notifications,booking info etc.

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